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Shop our brick and mortar store in Houston Heights.  Our handcrafted jewelry pieces are designed and made in house reflecting both classic and one of a kind styles. We design our pieces using gold, diamonds, mixed metals and precious gemstones. 


*All custom orders take 4-6 weeks.*

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Product type
custom order Mixed Metals & Diamonds Cuff BraceletMixed Metals & Diamonds Cuff Bracelet
Custom OrderThree Link Yellow Gold Chain BraceletThree Link Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet
Custom OrderOrganic Cuff Bracelet with Inlaid DiamondsOrganic Cuff Bracelet with Inlaid Diamonds
Made to OrderBlack Diamond Cuff BraceletBlack Diamond Cuff Bracelet
Custom OrderMixed Precious Gemstone Bezeled Cuff BraceletMixed Precious Gemstone Bezeled Cuff Bracelet
Custom OrderWhite Diamond Bangle BraceletWhite Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Custom OrderDiamond Threader EarringsDiamond Threader Earrings
Custom OrderYellow Gold Small Link Bracelet
Custom OrderPink Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Necklace
Custom OrderChunky Mixed Diamond Bracelet
Custom OrderProng Set Pink Sapphire NecklaceProng Set Pink Sapphire Necklace
Custom OrderProng Set Marquise Shaped Ruby Necklace
Custom OrderChunky Sliced Diamond RingChunky Sliced Diamond Ring
Custom OrderAquamarine & Diamond NecklaceAquamarine & Diamond Necklace
Custom OrderPink Sapphire & Raw Diamond Waterfall Earrings
Custom OrderBold Garnet Ring - Gemstone Ring - Rebecca Lankford Designs - 1Bold Garnet Ring
Custom OrderHollow Rose Cross Leather BraceletHollow Rose Cross Leather Bracelet
Custom OrderCustom Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cuff Bracelet - Houston, TexasPink Sapphire & Diamond Cuff Bracelet
Custom OrderChampagne Diamond Earrings -Rebecca Lankford Designs - Houston, TXChampagne Diamond Earrings -Rebecca Lankford Designs - Houston, TX
Custom OrderMarquise White Sapphire RingMarquise White Sapphire Ring
custom order Chunky Emerald RingChunky Emerald Ring
Custom OrderRaw Diamond Stud Earrings -Rebecca Lankford Designs - Houston, TXRaw Diamond Stud Earrings
Custom Ordergold sliced diamond necklaceSliced Raw Diamond Necklace
Custom OrderEmbedded Gold & Diamond Cuff
Custom OrderHoop & Ring Earrings -Rebecca Lankford Designs - Houston, TXHoop & Ring Earrings
Custom OrderEmerald & Salt and Pepper Dangle Charm Necklace
Custom OrderChunky Ruby Necklace- Rebecca Lankford Designs - Houston, TX
Custom OrderMarquise cut emerald and diamond cuff handcrafted by Rebecca Lankford in her studio in the heart of Houston, Texas.Emerald & Diamond Cuff Bracelet
made to order chunky sliced diamond ring - Rebecca Lankford Designs - Houston, TXChunky Sliced Diamond Ring
Custom OrderRose Cut Raw Diamond Macrame Necklace
Custom OrderRuby Brick NecklaceRuby Brick Necklace
Custom OrderGarnet & Diamond Necklace hand crafted in Houston, Texas by Rebecca Lankford. Each stone is hand picked and individually set upon order of necklace.
Custom OrderYellow Gold Emerald Bracelet
Custom OrderMarquise Aquamarine RingMarquise Aquamarine Ring
Made to OrderFaceted Cut Raw Diamond Cuff
Custom OrderMixed Gemstone Cuff BraceletMixed Gemstone Cuff Bracelet
Custom OrderBezel set Emerald NecklaceBezel set Emerald Necklace
Custom OrderRaw Diamond Stud Earrings
Custom OrderLarge Ruby Hoop Earrings
Custom OrderRuby Bezeled Cuff BraceletRuby Bezeled Cuff Bracelet
Custom OrderGold Oval & Diamond Earrings - Gold Dangle Earrings - Rebecca Lankford DesignsGold Oval & Diamond Earrings - Gold Dangle Earrings - Rebecca Lankford Designs
Custom OrderIcy Aquamarine Necklace, gemstone jewelry, rebecca lankford designs, houston, txIcy Aquamarine Necklace, gemstone jewelry, rebecca lankford designs, houston, tx
Custom OrderPrincess Aquamarine Ring - Rebecca Lankford Designs - Houston, TXPrincess Aquamarine Ring
Custom OrderRutilated Quartz Charm Necklace, rebecca lankford designs, houston, txRutilated Quartz Charm Necklace, rebecca lankford designs, houston, tx
Yellow & Rose Gold Cluster Cuff BraceletYellow & Rose Gold Cluster Cuff Bracelet
Custom OrderRutilated Quartz Leather BraceletThis Rutilated Quartz Leather Bracelet was handcrafted at Rebecca Lankford Designs in Houston Heights. It features a rutilated quartz bezel set in yellow gold on chocolate brown buffalo leather with an oxidized sterling silver closure and a golden thread hand stitched hole.
Custom OrderRose Gold Ruby Bar Bracelet
Custom OrderYellow Sapphire Stick EarringsYellow Sapphire Stick Earrings