Mixed Precious Gemstone Bezeled Cuff Bracelet


Product Details:

Talk about gorgeous! This modern and bold Mixed Gemstone Bezeled Cuff by Rebecca Lankford Designs consists of a black rhodium plated sterling silver cuff studded with gorgeous sapphires, rubies, and tourmalines set in rose gold. Pair it with just about anything for a bracelet stack you'll love! 
  • rhodium plated sterling silver thin handmade cuff 
  • bezel set rubies, pink sapphires, and pink tourmalines in 10KR - 1 x 3mm round ruby, 1 x 4mm round ruby, 2 x 3mm round pink sapphire,  1 x princess cut pink tourmaline, and 1 x pear shaped ruby soldered onto the center of the cuff

This Mixed Gemstone Bezeled Cuff from custom jewelry designer, Rebecca Lankford handcrafted at her studio in Houston, TX. Using only hand selected diamonds and the finest quality metals, each bracelet is made just for you! 

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