Pink Sapphire & Raw Diamond Waterfall Earrings

Pink Sapphire & Raw Diamond Waterfall Earrings

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Product Details:

Pair these intricate waterfall earrings with a beautiful dress for a breathtaking look at your next formal event. Each handcrafted earring is made with pink sapphire briolettes and raw diamond dangles handwired onto 14K white gold and yellow gold. For an added touch of elegance, we added a tiny cluster of pink sapphires at the bottom of each earring, accented with yellow gold chain.

Product Features:

  • 18K yellow gold handmade french wires
  • (10) pink sapphire briolettes handwired onto 14K yellow gold chain
  • (10) faceted pink sapphire gemstones set in 10K yellow pin with balls on a 14K yellow gold chain
  • (12) raw diamonds set in 10K yellow and handwired onto 14K white gold chain

These pink sapphire and raw diamond waterfall earrings from Rebecca Lankford Designs are handcrafted with the finest materials at Rebecca's studio in Houston, Texas. Each artisan piece is handmade to have its own uniqueness.

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