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Handcrafted Necklaces

Shop our brick and mortar store in Houston Heights.  Our handcrafted necklaces are designed and made in house reflecting both classic and one of a kind styles. We design our pieces using gold, diamonds, mixed metals and precious gemstones.

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Product type
10 Drilled Diamond Fringe Gold Necklace10 Drilled Diamond Fringe Gold Necklace
Yellow Diamond & Pave Byzantine CrossYellow Diamond & Pave Byzantine Cross
Multi Colored Raw Diamond Dangle NecklaceMulti Colored Raw Diamond Dangle Necklace
Sideways Thorn NecklaceSideways Thorn Necklace
Gold & Diamond Vertical Thorn Necklace - LargeGold & Diamond Vertical Thorn Necklace - Large
Light Colored Raw Diamond Briolette Dangle NecklaceLight Colored Raw Diamond Briolette Dangle Necklace
Large Rectangular Raw Aquamarine Multi Prong NecklaceLarge Rectangular Raw Aquamarine Multi Prong Necklace
Curved LOVE NecklaceCurved LOVE Necklace
Curved LOVE Necklace Sale price$1,700.00
Large Turquoise Heart & Diamond HaloLarge Turquoise Heart & Diamond Halo
Stacked Baguette Curved NecklaceStacked Baguette Curved Necklace
Grey Diamond Twinkle NecklaceGrey Diamond Twinkle Necklace
Marquise Shaped Raw Diamond NecklaceMarquise Shaped Raw Diamond Necklace
Pave Diamond Brick NecklacePave Diamond Brick Necklace
Large Love Diamond NecklaceLarge Love Diamond Necklace
Large Love Diamond Necklace Sale price$1,210.00
Diamond Circle & Gold Wrapped Ring NecklaceDiamond Circle & Gold Wrapped Ring Necklace
Diamond Rounds Chain NecklaceDiamond Rounds Chain Necklace
Drilled Diamond Lariat & Macrame NecklaceDrilled Diamond Lariat & Macrame Necklace
Pave Diamond XO Modern NecklacePave Diamond XO Modern Necklace
Folded Pave Diamond Medium Heart NecklaceFolded Pave Diamond Medium Heart Necklace
diamond crossClassic Diamond Cross Necklace
N3539 - Rebecca Lankford DesignsWhite Sapphire Byzantine Cross
Abstract V Diamond Tear Drop NecklaceAbstract V Diamond Tear Drop Necklace
Diamond Half Flower NecklaceDiamond Half Flower Necklace
newDiamond Rose Gold Lariat NecklaceDiamond Rose Gold Lariat Necklace
Small Golden Flake Cluster NecklaceSmall Golden Flake Cluster Necklace
Multicolor Sapphires Necklace with Diamond DanglesMulticolor Sapphires Necklace with Diamond Dangles
Diamond & Gold Cross NecklaceDiamond & Gold Cross Necklace
Rose Gold Star PendantRose Gold Star Pendant
Rose Gold Star Pendant Sale price$705.00
Gold & Diamond All My Love NecklaceGold & Diamond All My Love Necklace
Gold Pave Diamond Bar Charm NecklaceGold Pave Diamond Bar Charm Necklace
Gold Turquoise & Diamond Flower NecklaceGold Turquoise & Diamond Flower Necklace
Gold & Pave Diamond Single Row Bar NecklaceGold & Pave Diamond Single Row Bar Necklace

2 colors available

Gold & Diamond Trio NecklaceGold & Diamond Trio Necklace
Best SellerGold Solitaire Diamond NecklaceGold Solitaire Diamond Necklace

2 colors available

Mini Pave Diamond Open Heart NecklaceMini Pave Diamond Open Heart Necklace
Pave Diamond Marquise Cluster NecklacePave Diamond Marquise Cluster Necklace
With Love Single Diamond Envelope NecklaceWith Love Single Diamond Envelope Necklace
Best SellerGold Bezeled Diamond Dangle Necklacefeature
Pear Shaped Diamond NecklacePear Shaped Diamond Necklace
5 Prong Set Sideways Diamond Necklace5 Prong Set Sideways Diamond Necklace
Pave Diamond Peace Sign NecklacePave Diamond Peace Sign Necklace
Double Sided Pave Diamond Peace Sign NecklaceDouble Sided Pave Diamond Peace Sign Necklace
Gold Feathered Tail Arrow NecklaceGold Feathered Tail Arrow Necklace
Ruby Choker NecklaceRuby Choker Necklace
Bohemian Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Cross NecklaceBohemian Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Cross Necklace
Pearl & Diamond Cross Baby NecklacePearl & Diamond Cross Baby Necklace
White Gold Diamond J Letter NecklaceWhite Gold Diamond J Letter Necklace