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Talya Mor

Talya Mor - jewelry designer, gold smith. 

Designed with love and created by hand, Pomme613 started with the love I have for precious metals like gold and silver and my love for all fibers. Growing up in Israel I was fascinated with the jewelry that is thousands of years old. There is a story behind every piece. Ancient symbolism and meaning can be found in the designs.  There are Amulets with prayers inside to protect loved ones on their journey and other prayers to ward away the evil eye. Pomme613 is derived from the word pomegranate, which is one of the seven fruits that blessed the land of Israel.  It’s a historical symbol of beauty, love, wisdom, fertility and prosperity.  It presents a crown on top and comes with many health benefits. 613 are the amount of seeds believed to be in each pomegranate which equals the amount of Mizvahs one should do in a life time. I use red threads or stitching in every piece I make. Red is a powerful color that protects one from the evil eye. All of my pieces are hand made here in the Galilee mountains of Israel . I put a lot of energy, love and work into each piece. There is a special prayer in all of my jewelry, a prayer to provide light and protection to the person wearing it. 

I enjoy creating luxurious, yet casual jewelry using precious metals. ❤️



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Gold Bar Black Cording BraceletGold Bar Black Cording Bracelet
layered black thread braceletGold Clasp Black Thread bracelet
gold heart red thread braceletGold Heart Thread Bracelet
gold LOVE brown thread braceletGold LOVE Thread Bracelet
Red Cording Hebrew Prayer Necklace