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Rebecca Lankford

Jewelry designer, Rebecca Lankford, started designing jewelry while working as a paralegal in the early 1990s. As her hobby began to flourish, Rebecca was inspired to perfect her craft and enrolled at the Glassell School of Art in Houston.  The foundational knowledge Rebecca gained from her work at Glassell launched her from a local favorite to an internationally renowned jewelry designer. 

Two powerful influences drive Rebecca Lankford’s work: her deeply spiritual upbringing and her mother’s contagious passion for DIY creativity.  “I grew up with a mom who made everything from beautiful clothes to a complete vegetable garden … everything she touched seemed to take on its own life.” 

Rebecca Lankford Designs (RLD) began in 1995 when the Koelsch Gallery in Houston picked up her handcrafted line of jewelry. Now over twenty years later, Rebecca Lankford Designs has moved into the former space of the Koelsch gallery, now known as studio 703. Rebecca’s handmade jewelry has been sold nationwide as well as in Europe, Japan, South America, and Mexico.

Many of Rebecca’s handcrafted jewelry pieces feature a cross, a form she cherishes for its simple beauty and personal symbolism.  Rebecca loves to combine unexpected materials, both refined and raw when she creates her jewelry, and she also draws inspiration from the gentle irregularities found in nature. 

Rebecca’s work is designed, created, and forged at studio 703 in Houston, Texas and her business has grown to seven full-time employees.  Her designs capture a rare balance ranging from tiny and precious to vast and edgy, simple and minimalist to intricate and complex, and classic and traditional to contemporary and Bohemian. 

"From the natural world, to the spiritual and back to an elegant minimalism."