Ruby Diamond Leather Necklace


Product Details:

A simple but striking statement piece, this Ruby Diamond Leather Necklace demands attention. The leather accented by the ruby pendant will be the star of the show whether it's worn solo or added to a minimal, layered necklace look.   

  • 16" black leather 
  • pear shaped ruby 19ct in a handmade rhodium plated sterling silver bezel setting 
  • (1) 3mm diamond in an 18K yellow setting and 10K yellow ring with a 10K yellow spring ring and handwired extender

This Ruby Diamond Leather Necklace is a custom jewelry design from Rebecca Lankford. We hand pick the stone from our collection of ethically sourced gemstones making each necklace truly unique as no two stones are identical. Each piece of handcrafted jewelry is created at Studio 703, part of the local community in Houston, Texas. 

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