Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Enjoy your jewelry and remember that most pieces are delicate and should be treated with love and care. We recommend removing your jewelry before bathing or swimming. Here are some additional instructions for proper jewelry care.


Sterling can be high polished, matte finished or oxidized.  All finishes change over time. The matte will become shiny and the shiny will become matte!  We will happily re-finish your silver jewelry for the cost of shipping.  


Gold can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.

Oxidized Silver

Even with consistent, proper jewelry care, oxidized (blackened) silver will develop highlights over time. Do not use chemicals, commercial cleaners or commercial polishing cloths as they will remove the blackened finish. Fingerprints can be removed with warm, soapy water or a soft cloth. Jewelry purchased through our website can also be re-oxidized for the cost of shipping.


Leather will soften over time and with wear. Exposure to water will speed up the aging process and cause the leather to crack.  Leather necklaces and bracelets can be re-made with new leather for a small fee.  Please contact us for more information.


Pearls are beautiful, organic gems and need very special care and treatment to maintain their natural beauty and luster.  Even though these precious jewels come from water, once they are out and used as jewelry they no longer adapt to water.  For adequate pearl jewelry care, clean pearls with a clean, soft cloth or chamois.  The hand knotting of pearls on silk is very delicate.  We recommend having your pieces re-knotted on new silk at least once a year or as needed.  

Cleaning & Repairs

Every piece of Rebecca Lankford Designs jewelry can always be cleaned and / or repaired at our Studio in Houston, Texas.  Please contact us for more information about cleaning, repairs or additional questions about jewelry care.