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Ethically Sourced Custom Jewelry

The gemstones, leather, and mixed metals we use in our hand-crafted jewelry are ethically sourced. We take pride in our community and source our materials locally when possible.

Ethically Sourced

About our suppliers.

We work exclusively with metal, diamond, gemstone, and leather suppliers that practice and maintain high ethical and environmental standards. We exercise responsible labor practices. We don’t outsource labor to other countries where standards are poorly enforced. We make all our jewelry in our studio in Houston, TX.

Our Raw Materials


We source SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) certified metals. They are the global leader in verification of environmental sustainability. You can learn more about SCS Global Services here.

We only use metals that are retrieved using responsible mining processes including but not limited to: conservation of mines, fair labor practices, clean emissions, and proper handling procedures.


No conflict diamonds, period. Our primary diamond imported is DMIA, but all of our diamond suppliers comply with the “Kimberley Process.” In short, this means that:

  • Exported and imported stones are government validated and conflict free
  • Sealed in tamper proof container from origin to supplier
  • Sold with statement from originator that stones are guaranteed conflict free

You can read more about the Kimberley Process here.


With gemstones (other than diamonds), its much more difficult to keep an absolutely accurate account of origin, but we always buy from suppliers who havesocially responsible practices with no environmental damage.


All of our leather suppliers adhere to the “California Transparency Act.” This means that our leather is only purchased from authorized leather resellers where no leather counterfeiting or economic sourcing is taking place. And it prohibits suppliers from the hiring of slave labor and human trafficking.

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