When you hear the word “Pearl”, your mind automatically brings up the image of shiny, round, and white , but did you know there are many different types, some not quite so classic, of this unique stone? Believe it or not, they can actually be styled to look very modern and clean, ranging from small cream to large Tahitian. There’s a style for everyone! Not only do they have a wide variety, they are the only stone created from a living organism making this a truly special gem.

How They’re Created

The process starts with a small grain of sand or irritant that works it’s way into an oyster, mussel, or clam. It then triggers a defense mechanism to protect itself from this irritant releasing a fluid called ‘nacre’. After releasing coat after coat, this fluid layers on top of the previous creating the pearl!

This process takes time and the stones can be harvested in two different ways: natural or cultured from either salt or freshwater oysters, mussels, or clams. Natural freshwater pearls tend to be shaped more irregular with a look almost resembling puffed rice, where as cultured freshwater pearls have been harvested to be more round and lustrous as there have been improvements in the farming techniques. Salt water pearls, no matter where they are harvested from, tend to have a more round and deep luster naturally.

Find a Piece to Suit You

Rebecca Lankford is always trying to find ways to put a modern twist on a classic, and pearls present the perfect opportunity to do so. Having such a wide variety, there is a style for everyone!

Do you have more of a bohemian style? These two pieces would be great! The pearl drop necklace features a lustrous Tahitian pearl with 3 gold discs and a gold ring, and the charm necklace features a beautiful grey pearl with accenting gold charms. Both of these pieces are on leather, making them more versatile and giving them the ability to be everyday necklaces! 

If you do like your pearls to be more on the classic side, we still have you covered! Our Chunky Pearl Earrings and Pearl and Sapphire Earrings keep it simple and elegant giving you a pair to dress up or down – whichever you like.

Can’t decide which way to go? Our Biwa Pearl Necklaces are a bit of both, featuring either cream pearls or Tahitian pearls around an oxidized chain, this piece is stunning however you decide to style it!

Whatever way you choose to wear your pearls, we are here for it!