RLD jewelry should tell a story. Whether it’s where you’ve been, what you’ve overcome, or who you want to be, we want the jewelry you wear to empower you. No matter what you envision – a symbol, redesigned family heirloom, important stone, or a powerful number – we love to incorporate meaning that inspires. February is heart month at RLD highlighted with rose gold hearts, painted vases, and diamonds spelling “love”; but perhaps most near and dear to our hearts is a simple red macrame bracelet with a small gold heart in the middle.

Katina’s Story

We were honored to host a birthday party celebrating a precious little girl with a congenital heart defect. Katina hasn’t skipped a beat with her vivacious personality and sweet demeanor. We had painted vases, fresh roses, custom Eterna bracelets, and RLD jewelry to celebrate the battle her and her family have endured. Best of all, Princess Jasmine made an appearance! Several years ago, Rebecca designed a small red macrame bracelet held together with a heart to remind them of what they have overcome. The entire family wears it not only for their memory, but to share with and encourage others .

Everyone has a story, and we believe that you can tell that story through the jewelry you wear. We all have different people, events, and circumstances that have helped transform us into who we are today. Perhaps on their own they look insignificant or even ugly; but when all the pieces come together, it creates a beautiful and diverse piece of artwork that cannot be repeated.

RLD Cluster Necklaces

Rebecca’s raw and one-of-a-kind gemstones paired with the diversity that comes alongside handcrafted jewelry makes each of our cluster pieces perfectly unique in their story! The Champagne Diamond Cluster Necklace is centered on a beautiful champagne diamond, with white diamonds asymmetrically placed around it. The oval champagne diamond itself is stunning, but alongside the white diamonds, it brilliantly shines.



The Sliced Diamond Cluster Necklace has three unique and sliced raw diamonds bunched together with three white diamonds. With different shades of grey, blue, and white, the diamonds have more depth and charm beside each other than they would on their own.


With different sizes and shapes of rubies, the Ruby & Diamond Cluster Necklace is flirty and sweet. The pear shaped, princess, and oval rubies placed beside small white diamonds all in rose gold draws out a beauty that is sure to reflect how stunning you are.





A long, raw, rectangular aquamarine is sure to draw attention; but in our Aquamarine and Diamond Necklace, the

central aquamarine is not the only thing to catch your eye. Accented by white diamonds bezel set with the aquamarineand on the chain, this statement piece demands you to marvel at the unique placement of every stone.

Share Your Story

No matter the stone, size, number, or symbol, your jewelry can share with others a meaningful past, present, or future. Perhaps one of our pieces already reflects something impactful in your life; or maybe you want to sit down and design something that perfectly matches what you envision. Whatever it is, we want to help make it happen for you! You are beautiful, unique, and perfectly composed!