It’s finally prime season for beach vacations and pool days! Everyone knows to use sunscreen to keep their skin beautiful and healthy, but what about your jewelry? Many of us wear our jewelry without ever taking it off… but that means sometimes we forget to take proper care of our gems when we’re out having some fun in the sun. The RLD team is here to share some advice on how to save your precious pieces and keep them looking brand new!

Leather and Silk Jewelry

Our Pearl Leather Necklaces are the perfect piece for summer time and boho style, but leather and silk pieces can be easily damaged by harsh chemicals and salt water! When wearing these pieces into the pool or ocean, whether it be a bracelet or necklace, the chemicals and salt, even your sun screen, can discolor, dry out, and stiffen the leather, meaning the best way to keep jewelry looking fresh is to simply take it off! Keeping these pieces away from harsh conditions can prevent you from having to repair all your pieces time after time!

Gold and Silver 

Just like leather pieces, its best to keep your gold and silver away from the salt water, chlorine, and sun screen! Although unlike silk and leather, metals can withstand these conditions a bit better. If they are exposed to any of the stated, it’s best to clean your pieces with a jewelry cloth as best as possible when the day is over to get any residue off and prevent them from tarnishing.

Wondering how to style your poolside outfit? We suggest a Gold Disc Necklace paired with our Bohemian Dangle Earrings. They’re a perfect combo for summer time style!

If your pieces are damaged

Come the end of the season, or even before, if your RLD pieces have been damaged or broken, just come see us at the studio and we we will fix them right up like nothing ever happened!

We also understand not everyone lives in Houston. If you live elsewhere and are in need of a repair, simply contact us via email or phone, and ship your jewelry to us! After they are repaired, we will send them back over to you so that you can enjoy your gems like they’re brand new!