Royal Wedding – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

All royal weddings are special, is it to do with those fantasies of being a fairy tale princess? This one though is extra special, as it brings together not only two people in love, but two countries!

So, the anticipation around this weekend’s royal occasion, and stylish, sophisticated Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry is reaching fever pitch. We can’t resist this fairy tale story either and will be watching with baited breath to see the ceremony and especially what Meghan wears when she walks down the aisle.

Known for her style and elegant choices in the past, speculation is rife about her dress and accessory choices for her big day. Meghan, like us, is a fan of stackable rings and yellow gold is a favourite too (if her engagement ring is anything to go by). Harry designed her engagement ring himself, using a diamond sourced from Botswana, where their romance blossomed, as well as two stones from a brooch that belonged to his mother Princess Diana.

Royal wedding black and white

Tiara or no Tiara?

Royal wedding dresses traditionally don’t allow much scope for necklaces or bracelets, so the chances are Meghan’s choices will focus on earrings, (at least that’s what Harpers Bazaar thinks!). But will she wear a tiara? Kate famously wore a borrowed tiara from the Queen for her wedding to William in 2011.

Royal wedding Kates tiara

Not only are tiaras a real part of royal wedding tradition but they often involve family heirlooms going back hundreds of years. Petite versions have also recently appeared on famous catwalks including Saint Laurent Spring 2016 and Alexander Wang’s Spring 2018 party crowns).

But Meghan is far from a traditionalist so who knows if she will opt for a tiara at all? Find out everything you ever wanted to know and more about tiaras and royal weddings here!

Wedding Day

There will only be one way to find out for sure what the lovely Meghan will be wearing, by watching the ceremony on May 19th! The wedding guests will start to arrive from 3am CT / 9am GMT although the ceremony doesn’t start until 6am CT / 12pm GMT  on Saturday 19th May, with an audience of 600 lucky guests.

There will also be 1,200 members of the general public, nominated for their community work and commitment, who have been invited to join the celebrations outside St George’s Chapel, in the grounds of Windsor Castle. For everyone else who can’t make a special trip to Windsor to try to catch a glimpse as the royal carriage glides by, there’s the TV. For the most official updates on the wedding and all things British royal family there’s now an official royal family website.

We are sure that the ceremony will be amazing and wish Harry and Meghan every happiness in their new life together!