Perhaps you have old jewelry you never wear, a family heirloom laying in a box, or just too much jewelry you don’t know what to do with! We not only want to help you reimagine new jewelry, but rediscover how stunning your precious stones are. Whether it’s for your everyday wear, a special occasion, or a gift for others, we want to create a piece with you that brings you joy.


Redesign Your Jewelry

Some jewelry is timeless, but other pieces become outdated and require a new design. Go through your jewelry box and find those pieces you never wear with meaningful and precious stones. Let the RLD team help you reimagine something beautiful! No stones need to be wasting away – let them sparkle with everything you are wearing!

An old family heirloom had beautiful white and yellow diamonds in it, but wasn’t being worn! We removed the stones and turned it into a leather charm necklace that can now be layered for any occasion. 

Create a Stack

If you’ve been dreaming of a new ring or bracelet stack, we can take apart different pieces to create any stack you like! If you already have the perfect pieces of jewelry to create in mind, set up an appointment to show us the jewelry you have.

This ring had diamonds removed to create a simple, unique, and stunning ring stack, plus a pair of diamond stud earrings!

Share With Others

Perhaps you feel that right now, you already have all the jewelry you need (which means you’ve been spending the right amount of time at RLD), but you still have a desire to clean out some old jewelry. We can take pieces apart to create simple and timeless gifts for any age, or create something extravagant for a meaningful occasion.


We are always excited to help you dream of the perfect piece, stack, or gift. Please know that sometimes stones are too soft to handle, broken, or have been reworked too many times and are unable for us to safely remove them. Rebecca’s passion is to help you reimagine your jewelry and bring meaning to every piece, but we would never want to ruin a precious stone.

We cannot wait to help you design the perfect jewelry, reimagined to add more sparkle to the world! Check out our Design With Us page to see more of our custom work!