With a few weeks to go until Mother’s Day rolls around this year, on May 13th, we thought we’d pass on some of our ideas for spoiling the world’s greatest mom. From unique gifts to baking her favorite cake there are so many ways to honor her and make sure she knows how much she means to you!

Give the gift of jewelry:

Elegant and minimal with a beautiful engraving, the perfect love necklace.

Timeless classics, you can’t go wrong with these pearl and sapphire gold bar earrings.


Make a statement that melts her heart, with this open heart necklace!

Bold and bohemian, she will stand out with this pink saphire & diamond cuff bracelet.

More than jewelry at Studio 703:

At Studio 703 you can find all of these perfect Mother’s Day gifts plus so much more. Why not stop by and let us help take the stress out of Mother’s Day shopping.

We have a range of hand crafted cosmetics, with delicate natural aromas to spoil her senses,

Or a soft and luxurious leather purse from our Hatton Henry range.

And don’t forget a quirky hand-made Mother’s Day card to go with all the wonderful gifts.

¬†Gifts that money can’t buy:

There are so many ways to spoil your mom that don’t cost a penny, here are some of our favorites:

  • Frame a gorgeous picture of your mom and give it to her (and why not enter our photo competition while you’re at it!)
  • Bake a cake, here are some ideas we love Cakes!
  • Hand write your favorite mom-themed poem or if you’re the creative type why not write her a poem yourself. We like this one by Billy Collins – The Lanyard
  • Take her out to brunch or dinner at a new local restaurant – for the Heights’ newest wine bar just across the street from RLD why not try Postino!

Pete’s Words of Wisdom!



Don’t go barking up the wrong tree this Mother’s Day, make sure you share your treats with her and take her for a long walk in the local park. My mom’s favorite is the Buffalo Bayou.