Our mothers take care of us, nurture us and provide for our every need –  which is never easy! As Mother’s Day approaches (and as a tiny token of our appreciation) we’d like to give some jewelry styling tips to our busy moms who always do the absolute best for us.

Wear jewelry that saves you time

The most obvious way to be able to save time is to pick jewelry you can wear for days at a time without taking it off! As long as it’s comfortable and reacts well to water, why not? And it doesn’t have to be just one necklace the whole time, wearing layered necklaces also works perfectly as a timesaver, you can keep your favorites on and add or take away to the layers to change your look throughout the week. For more on layering necklaces click here.

Wear jewelry that is versatile

When you’re a busy mom you’re constantly on the go! Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school, having a working lunch or going out to dinner in the evening, your jewelry should be able to fit with whatever you’re doing throughout your hectic day. Just because your time is precious doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous!  Stackable rings are perfect for versatility. You have the option of going for a smooth elegant look, or even adding in a few diamonds for a bold statement.

Let your personality shine 

Wear jewelry pieces that reflect who you are – If your style is simple and delicate try a solitaire diamond, if you prefer classic and elegant try some pearl earrings, or if you’re bold and edgy how about a bold garnet ring or a bohemian leather cuff bracelet. Show the world who you are!

Jewelry that stands the test of time (and small hands!)

Just because you may have young kids grabbing at your jewelry with their adorable tiny hands doesn’t mean you can’t wear any. Choose a shorter, stronger chain, that won’t be so easy to grab! Or for a more bohemian look opt for leather necklaces or a leather bracelet.

So to the busiest of mothers we say a massive thank you for all that you do, and may you have an amazing Mother’s Day because you most definitely deserve it!

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