Layering is one fashion statement we absolutely adore here at Rebecca Lankford Designs, so we thought we’d share some handy tips to give you the confidence to make this stylish look your own!

You can layer just about any and all of your jewelry. Whether you like to wear thin bangles or statement pieces, layering jewelry can add dimension, texture and creativity to all your outfits.

Here are just a few ways to mix, match and stack your jewelry this spring.

1. Blend shorter, delicate pieces with longer, heavier necklaces.

Choose a few necklaces of various lengths and metals. Start with a shorter necklace and gradually build with longer pieces. When layering your necklaces, remember that it’s best to stick to two or less types of metals. Try rose gold and silver or yellow gold and oxidized silver for a stunning effect. Combining metals is great but more than two different types can quickly become overwhelming.

2. Complete the look with a choker.

Chokers are all the rage again! Add the finishing touches to your layered necklaces with a delicate choker – perfect for work, relaxing, or a night out with the girls.

3. Add a pop of color.

Too much competing color can be a bad thing, but a little burst of ruby red or aquamarine can add a lot to an otherwise plain outfit. Pair a shorter leather piece with a simple mid-length necklace and a long-hanging turquoise stone to create a bohemian look that is fit for the runway.

Of course all of our handcrafted necklaces are perfectly suited for layering, check out some of our latest designs, fresh in for spring!

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