COVID-19 has swept across our country silently and quickly. The world as we know it has changed almost overnight. Most of us are working from home, our kids are out of school, all nonessential stores are closed, and things seem to be getting worse – not better. Most of us are wondering what we can do to help during these times. Giving back is the best way to support our community! No act of kindness is too small. We are one country that can come together to support each other during this unimaginable time.

Here are some ways to help our community during this difficult time.

  1. Shop Locally – Support one or five of your favorite shops! Boutiques, restaurants and other small businesses are reeling from the impacts this shutdown is causing. You can support your favorite shops by shopping online, buying a gift card or sharing it on your social media! Order takeout from your favorite local restaurant. Pay for your hair in advance. Or book your appointments for April and May!


  1. Donate Blood – Blood is needed all over the country! Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is accepting appointments for blood donations. Find a location near you by going to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center or America’s Blood Centers.


  1. Foster a Pet or Support a Shelter – We can’t forget about our furry friends right now! At RLD our pets are our world! We have Jack, Petra, Lucy, Karat, Reese and Riley between three of our employees! We love our animals and treat them like tiny human beings! Some families are having to make impossible decisions due to layoffs and uncertain financial times. Our shelters are full. Foster a pet from a local shelter or donate supplies! Transport a pup or share a rescue on Facebook! Go to Jamie’s Animal Rescue or Animal Justice League to support a Houston rescue!

  1.  STAY HOME! – Social distancing is something that we can do easily with technology. We can stay connected via phone, FaceTime, text, email and social media. This virus is highly contagious and very dangerous for our at-risk population. We need to protect our community by following all local, state and federal guidelines. We can stay informed by checking reliable sources like World Health Organization, Global Health Tracker and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Remember that we are all in this together! Most importantly, stay safe, be aware, and be available to help those in need.