Students in the IB program at Heights High School have been hard at work for the past 2 years preparing for their moment in the spotlight. We have partnered with the school to give them a chance to present their beautiful work here at Studio 703! Here at the studio, we value our local community, and offering these students a place to show their work is just another way we try to stay involved. Join us for a night to celebrate these students, and even pick up a piece of your own!

Visual arts are an integral part of our everyday lives, they influence our creativity, expression, communication, and understanding. Students in the IB program areĀ  immersed in learning the ways of the visual arts community.

So what is the IB program?

The IB Diploma Programme is a holistic, thought provoking way of teaching that encourages students to push their creative and cultural boundaries. This course also helps to develop analytical skills in problem solving and divergent thinking while working to technical proficiency and confidence as young art-makers. The students are taught to engage, experiment with, and reflect upon an wide range of contemporary practices and media, in addition to exploring and comparing visual arts from various perspectives and in different contexts. This course was designed for those students that wish to go on to peruse a higher education in the visual arts.

Supporting the IB misson statement, the course encourages students to actively explore the world of visual art across local, regional, national, international, and intercultural contexts. Through creative application, investigation, reflection, and inquiry, visual arts students develop an appreciation for the aesthetic and expressive diversity in the world around them making them critically informed makers and consumers of visual culture.


When is the show?

The show will be held on March 1st from 5PM – 8PM here at Studio 703! The show will feature work from a variety of artists, each presenting a style unique to the individual. They have been diligently working on these marvelous pieces so mark your calendars to come out and show your support to these fine artists!