Halloween is upon us and many have costumes on the brain. Whether you are having a family day at the Houston Zoo Boo, perusing classic cars at the National Museum of Funeral History’s Halloween Car Show, or hanging with your pups at Axelrad’s Halloween Pawty & Costume Contest, we have you covered with some classic costumes that fit perfectly with your RLD jewels.

  • Amelie Poulain – Amelie
    • Amelie is a beautiful film featuring a shy woman who feels the need to help others around her. The movie’s namesake has an iconic look with the perfect neckline and personality for an understated necklace. We suggest pairing our “Gold Diamond Disc Necklace” and a naive smile to bring this character to life.








  • Annalise Keating – How to Get Away with Murder
    • Viola Davis wowed in her portrayal of Annalise Keating, a law professor who leads her students through trials and tribulations both personally and professionally. Combine a sophisticated, structured dress with a pair of our modern “Hoop & Ring” earrings to get that power look no one will mistake for Ms. Keating.








  • Belle – Beauty and the Beast
    • A Halloween favorite, Belle is a classic Disney character that teaches you to love a person for what is inside rather than their outward appearance. Add a modern twist to Belle’s iconic gold ball gown with our Gold Disc Necklace.








  • Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City
    • As we all know Carrie has a style all her own. Creating drool worthy style combinations, this character has an abundance of costume options when it comes to Halloween. Remember the diamond necklace Aleksandr gives her when she is in Paris? We have our take with a chunky raw diamond choker necklace that will pair perfectly with all your Carrie looks!








  • Dorothy Gale – The Wizard of Oz
    • Dorothy, best known for her ruby slippers skipping along the yellow brick road, is a popular Halloween favorite. Grab your Toto and an RLD ruby bracelet and see if you can find any of your Munchkin Land friends a long the way.








  • Peggy Olsen – Mad Men
    • Another iconic female character, Peggy Olsen shows how perseverance and determination can push you past adversity. She proved that women are just as good (or better) then men in the Advertising industry. Her classic style will come together seamlessly with our Pearl and Sapphire earrings.









Men we didn’t forget about you!

  • Captain Jack Sparrow – The Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Even if you haven’t seen the movies, everyone knows Captain Jack Sparrow. His character is forgetful, clumsy and a touch unkempt. Our labradorite bracelet will mix perfectly with this iconic character’s ensemble.








  • Gustave – The Grand Budapest Hotel
    • Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel is full of vibrant, colorful sets and characters. Gustave, the concierge, is a witty character with a chivalrous outlook on life. Add another pop of color to his plum uniform with a pair of turquoise cuff links and you will be set!








We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween this season!