We can’t believe it is already April! Time seems to have flown by this year, but lets slow it down for just a moment and wish all of our April babies a very happy birthday! This month is such a lovely month in so many different ways. We get to transition into spring (or maybe just strait to summer if you’re in Texas like us), we celebrate Earth Day, and we get to celebrate Easter. Having all of these beautiful moments calls for a birthstone just as, if not even more, beautiful… the diamond. It is virtually indestructible and incredibly captivating which is what makes them so desirable. Not only are they stunning, they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes most wouldn’t even recognize as diamonds! Lets talk a bit about the variations of this stone, and maybe you will see one you just can’t live without!

White Diamonds

This is the type that typically comes to mind when you hear the word “diamond”. Clear, perfect, and uniform, this stone catches the colors of the rainbow when struck by light. No matter how it is worn, it will take your breath away. It is also most commonly used in traditional engagement jewelry as well as most other diamond jewelry.

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Champagne and Brown Diamonds

Probably the second most commonly known version, the orange to brown tint gives more of an edgy feel to the stone. Not quite as uniform as a white diamond, you get a unique stone for original pieces. It can also be used in engagement jewelry for a more modern bride!

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Salt and Pepper Diamonds

One of the lesser known variations, each and every salt and pepper is truly one-of-a-kind. It is typically a more grey stone with flecks of black and white throughout, hence the name. This stunning style is edgy and eccentric, and instantly adds a modern factor to any piece of jewelry, it is even becoming increasingly popular to use as a stone for an engagement ring.

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Yellow Diamond

Yellow varieties are a sweet pop of color that radiates happiness. They have a beautiful tint that fits in perfectly with the month of April and the colors of spring. They may not be used as center stones very often, but they are the perfect accent on a bohemian piece to fit in with the style of the season seamlessly.

Raw Diamonds 

As some of you may know, we love to use raw diamonds here at Studio 703+RLD. It is another version in which each and every stone is one-of-a-kind, giving jewelry it is used in so much character. They are not perfect and pristine like white diamonds, but they give off a much more organic hint, making you feel as if you are in touch with nature itself.

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It’s clear April babies might just be on top with their gorgeous birthstone, but with so many variations, there is a diamond out there for every person to fall in love with no matter what time of year you were born.