To see multiple colors displayed across the sky in a rainbow (so vast we sometimes can’t even see the end) reminds us that there is beauty to behold even at the end of a storm. A rainbow holds a different significance to many, but some of our favorite meanings remind us of peace, serenity, and a promise for hope that lies ahead.

A Rainbow of Gemstones

With an endless amount of gemstones that produce a variety of all colors, Rebecca Lankford has new designs to remind us of the beauty in a rainbow! Rubies and pink sapphires display the romantic and energizing red. An assortment of citrine show off the warm colors of orange and yellow. Peridot and green topaz represent the renewing color of green. Aquamarines and blue topaz show off the calming cool of blue. Finally, amethysts are used for the finishing touches of a royal purple, and you have yourself a gemstone rainbow enclosed in gold! Depending on your favorite colors, you can add a variety of hues, and take away any colors that don’t compliment your style. The options are endless!!





Rainbow in Style

One of our favorite parts about wearing this jewelry is that it’s perfect for any outfit! Whether you are wanting to wear a plain t-shirt or vibrant dress, the colors in the jewelry will compliment every occasion. While we still love the simplicity of gold and diamonds, the mixture of colors allows all of us to expand our jewelry boxes with something trendy and colorful.





No matter the piece of jewelry you are wearing, it is all a reminder that there is so much magnificence to behold before our eyes every day. Come see all that we have in stock, and brighten everyone’s day with some extra color in your life!