We want to start off by wishing the happiest of birthdays to all of our March babies! March has a breathtaking birthstone, and a stone with this amount beauty has just as much history to go along with it.  Here at the studio, we love using this ethereal blue stone to create stunning one-of-a-kind layering necklaces, or even alternative engagement rings. 


Origin of the Aquamarine


The word ‘Aquamarine’ derives from the Latin term ‘Aqua Marīna’, meaning sea water. It was given its name due to its sea-blue color, though it is found in many shades ranging from pale to deep blue hues. This stone has been recognized by many ancient civilizations for its beauty and durability, ranking a 7.5 – 8 on the Moh’s Scale. It’s nearly always found without any imperfections, adding to the appeal of the gem.


Ancient Folklore and History


Many ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, share similar beliefs of what fortune aquamarine may bring: protection while at sea. Thought to have originated in the treasure chests of mermaids of the deep, it is known as ‘The Sailor’s Lucky Stone’. Many sailors across the lands would carry this stone upon setting out to sail believing it would instill fearlessness and ensure safe and prosperous passage across stormy seas. It was also believed to ward off other dangers of the sea, including sea sickness and other ancient myths like Cetus , from Greek Mythology. Throughout the ages, aquamarine has helped many sailors during their travels. Try bringing a bit with you next time you take off on an adventure at sea, whether it be a cruise to Belize or deep sea fishing in the gulf, maybe it will also help protect you as well!

Roman aquamarine pendant

Take a look at our modern take on the aquamarine pendant 

Through the middle ages, the legend continued that aquamarine was thought to gain its power through water. The newer civilizations also believed the stone would calm, cleanse, and soothe the soul. It has been used for centuries by healers and shamans, to heal medical issues like arthritis, eye inflammation, and sore throats.

Cassandra kneeling by the statue of Athena at Troy


Here is some of our modern handcrafted aquamarine jewelry found here in Houston Heights!


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