Happy National Farmers Market Week! A yearly celebration, this year farmers markets will be popping up across the country August 5-11 to promote local food and community.

As consumers are becoming more educated on best practices in regards to food, farmers markets are the most popular they have ever been. As of August 1, 2018 there are 8,722 markets listed on the National Farmers Marker Directory alone. At studio 703 + RLD we are passionate about supporting our community and urge you to take a step out of your big chain grocery store and enjoy the freshness and comradery that comes with shopping local.


Why shop at farmers markets?


  • Seasonal: Vendors at these markets work with the seasons offering the freshest options available as well as unique finds you won’t see in your average store. Click here to see the seasonal produce calendar for Texas!
  • Reduce emissions: Farmers travel from their farms to local markets reducing the amount of gas, refrigeration and storage for their products. Many items at your chain grocery store traveled thousands of miles and are sometimes stored for weeks at a time. In the long run this puts a strain on the environment and lowers the quality of your food.
  • Clean eating: Along with having the freshest options available, they are also clean. 3 out of 4 farmers meet or exceed organic practices which means no synthetic fertilizers or preservatives. Click here to learn more about organic practices.


  • Job stimulation: Farmers markets stimulate job growth and local economy by creating more jobs. Local farmers create jobs 13 to 1 over larger farming companies.
  • Preserves land and livelihoods: The U.S. loses an acre of farm land a minute to development because local farmers can’t afford the rising cost of land. Small farms also can’t compete with the mass production of corporate companies. For many of them, farmers markets are their main source of income.
  • Engaging: A single visitor has 15-20 healthy social interactions at a market as opposed to 1-2 at a chain store. Get off those cell phones and meet your neighbors!


  • One of the biggest pluses of shopping at a farmers market is that you know where your food comes from! Face to face conversations with the people who grow your food makes a big difference, giving you the peace of mind knowing that what you are feeding your family is safe and healthy, along with the fact that you are helping your local community in a positive way.

farmers market produce

Here are a list of local Houston Farmers Markets to check out this week or all year round!

Not in the Houston area? Click here to search for a farmers market near you!




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